Word Beach: Word Games for Fun App Reviews

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Awesome game. 5 stars.

Great fun

Not super easy but not extremely challenging. Perfect for passing time in between appointments and meetings!

Word beach

Fun and challenging with beautiful snaps of the islands


I gave you a 4 because you haven’t given players a way to get more coins in a consistent way. That’s the only negative I have for you. I thoroughly enjoy this game.


This is a great game, it’s relaxing but educational.


Great game

Good cross WordBeach

It’s a funny game

Great boredom buster

Love it

Word beach

Wonderful time wasting game !

Great vocabulary

Helps create a greater vocabulary and helps improve puzzle skills.


Can’t put it down.It’s so much fun.

The man 👨 that lives a lone.

This is a very good application for you to use and it is very fun so you should get it it’s very easy and you can get a kick out of it.😴🤤😸😺🙌🏿👍🏻🤚🏿✋👅👤🦅🗑🎁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💤📬🔑💰💸⏱📺🚀✈️🍔🧀🥓🥩🍠🍎🍏🍐🍇🥥🍑🍒🍅✨🌎🌍🌏🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🍀🍀🍀🦀🐅🎩💑🧛🏿‍♂️🤶🏿💋👍🏻😸☠️🤡😵🤐😪🤧🤤😴😯😶😐😦😑😧😬😮😲🙄😋🤨😏😕😫😠😨😡😰😱😜😝😎🥩🥩🍔🚀✈️




Fun word game !


It works your brain


This game is really fun and I find myself playing whenever I can.


I like this game, but it takes to many words away and puts them in the little jar. Very disappointed that I can’t use those words I find!


The reveal symbol (that costs $105 dollars) is too close to the letters in the bowl. I accidentally hit it two times already and I’m almost out of money

Word beach

Like it


Love it

Word beach

Fun great visuals fast play.

Ms Ann

Fun game





Love this game!

Thanks for this game! It’s colorful, attractive and enjoyable to play. Thanks!

Great game

Love it!

Fun but kinda lame

It uses weird unheard of words but not consistently. You just gotta guess what the game decided to use as a “word”

Hands down the best game

Hands down my favorite game. I can play this for hours. And I love the graphics. Well done.


A great word search game.. starts out easy but has many levels. I wonder what game I will play when I complete this one? Enjoying it!


Great game Fantastic


So I’ve gotten so far and I’m like oh this is too easy and now I’ve been stuck on a freakin Zoroaster for a month and a half. Please make it easier

Word Beach: Fun Spelling Games by Kooapps Review

Word Beach: Fun Spelling Games is an offline game that is entertaining to play while on the go. Try your absolute best to make words and have a great time. This app works for all ages.


Average word game

Like the game,

Like the graphics. Hints are reasonably priced, however the vocabulary is limited and that makes it frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

Word beach

It’s fun and easy to use it also teaches you new words that you might not even know was a word!

Nice App

The App is Nice! Need more selection of words and more points for the words. Polly should hold more words and for more points. The game is long and you should win after 10 rounds the game seems like it has 100,000 rounds, it’s exhausting.

Challenging Game

This game is helping to increase my vocabulary and also keeps my mind working.


It’s awesome . But I do think it dose not help all it dose is puts a bunch of random letters in a bowl and you have to figure it out. Why can’t you just spell it?

Fun but...

Plays music sometimes (randomly) even when set to mute in settings. Also they dont acknowledge some real words that could be used to boost your secret words for hints. Need to expand its vocabulary.

Awesome, just a few problems

Overall, this game is really fun so, it's like the only game I play. The thing is, sometimes this game takes actual words that you make and says Incorrect. And I think that words that aren't on the crossword that you find in the four to five letters, should go into the hidden word shake. But other than that, I love it. Thank you for your time Sincerely, KittyMooMeow

Word Beach Game

Pretty good game. Very relaxing and fun to play. Can be addicting, but still fun

The game is stuck

Haven’t played in a few days... it’s stuck n I can’t get the next game, what a bummer 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


easier than word cake

Like the game

Just started playing this like it so far

Fun and challenging but....

Love this game but if you don’t stop sponsoring ads for Games that are all about killing, such as 3 D asasen I will delete the game.

Loveee This Game!!

Its super addictive and great for a good mind jog. Plus i love words lol... i do agree with others that the hints should be cheaper like $14/15 ... but also the reveal one could be a lot less than over $100 😳 .... I would recommend this game to anyone! 😃 ❤️💛💚

Three stars

I would have given more stars but then they added “reveal” for 105 coins. Nice idea maybe but apparently very easy to bump & there go 105 coins. They should have added a second step so it could not be done accidentally. I didn’t even find out when I bumped it. If there was a way to disable “reveal” I would

It’s fun

But does not recognize all but the simplest words.

Great game!

I love this game. It makes me think and my son plays it with me. I wish you could get more coins for finishing each level in a quicker time. That would be a good update. 👍😀

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